Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

A night to Remember

Antonio’s poor judgement will get himself killed one of these days. We arrived in Mexico City and while I went downtown to minister to the poor and get the lay of the land, Antonio and the rest of the lads went to the bar. When I came back, the rest of the lads were carrying Antonio out of the bar with blood coming out of his mouth. It seems that Antonio had eaten some kind of worm that was now consuming him from within. We rushed Antonio back to the room where I was able to cut the creature out of him without killing him. While he lost a lot of blood, I think the Hail Mary’s I was praying during the surgery kept him from bleeding out.

The next morning I stopped and had my cassock cleaned before I paid my respects to Bishop Kelly. After exchanging pleasantries and asking about his ministry I got down to business and asked him to arrange invitations to the Presidential party that night. Bishop Kelly was more than happy to arrange for the lads and I get on the guest list. He even went so far as to help us get proper attire for the costume party it turned out to be.

When we arrived at the party, Each of us was greeted by a lovely young lady who invited us to dance. My partner was the lovely and charming Luisa, daughter of the Mexican Finance Minister. Most women would be shocked to find themselves dancing with a priest. Not Luisa, to her it was a challenge. As she discovered that I was familiar with the various dances, her moves became evermore sensual and provocative. Just as it looked like it was to be a long and most enjoyable night, Antonio struck. Apparently his partner was the sister-in-law of the president and with impeccable timing, he insulted her and brought everything to a screeching halt. Then, he proceeded to insult the President’s wife. Fortunately, Claude was able to smooth things over, even after Antonio’s attempt at a burlesque act.
With Claude’s help we were able to get a private audience with the President and warn him of the imminent danger. Once he heard our story, he agreed to provide us with transport, security troops and supplies. We leave in the morning.



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