Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Package home

Amy Wahlmann
C/O Tombstone Gazette, New Orlean Branch
New Orleans, CSA

Hi Amy, hope you are well. So far, I remain alive and kicking. I have sent this courier with special diplomatic privileges since we are now fairly good friends with the Presidente of Mexico after we saved the city from a volcano kicked off by virgin sacrifices to a Crocodile God. Fairly routine. I have included pictures of the fight through the city of the dead, up the volcano side and of the caldera itself. Hopefully, your readers will like them! I wrote you a note when we headed through the jungle and since we are going after the Asshole Mexican Croc-god still, I have included it as a precaution. I would tell you to open only if I am killed but you would never wait that long. Anyway, we are headed out. Hopefully, this will end this whole campaign and allow us to return to NOLA. See you soon with more pictures.

Com todo meu amor,




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