Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

The Shanghai Run

I was on a weekly haul in the East, from Kagashima to Shanghai. Oil going north and machine parts headed south. I had been on the route for about 3 month when things got strange. We found an abandoned ship just off the coast of Japan on our trip south. The captain boarded with several crewmen, the ones that had been on the boat longest and were the captain’s inner circle. They all came back aboard with stuff packs and ‘no survivors’. The blood on their hands told a different story though. The first of the circle went mad that night and hung himself from the junk’s yardarm but not before he sabotaged the engine. We continued under sail but the others soon followed the first into madness. Several of us locked ourselves in the hold while the night of mayhem proceeded. By morning when we braved the deck, the captain was tied to the deck and his skin removed. The yard had bodies dangling like a mobile. The remains of the crew threw the bodies overboard with all their belongings…all but a small totemic necklace. We made port the next day, I caught a steamer for Shan Fan the next day.



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