Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Why hast thou forsaken me

Let me count the ways

I have sinned. I admit, that was too easy. Women have always been my downfall. They have led me to the next one…. Pride. I am guilty of being too proud of what me and the Lads have done. I thought we had earned a little fun for all the evil we had vanquished…. Then we crossed over to another domain to battle an evil Crocodile god. The Lads stood fast. But not me, I was the weak one. The one who panicked and ran. Me, your so called warrior. Me, who should have wrapped myself in your armor and strode forth into battle against your foes. I have failed you, Lord.

The world we returned to was not our own. I do not know what your plan for me, or the others is, But I shall redeem myself, And my lads too……



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