Anson is a half French half Indian .2% Scottish… He says he’s from Trinidad but no one’s sure because he doesn’t speak English to anyone he doesn’t like. He spits out pigeon French to those he disdains, and that isn’t well received.

Anson has a scratched-up tattoo on the inside of his wrist that says he had a run-in with the British navy. He keeps chickens though he doesn’t eat meat. He also has a scar on his chin, supposedly from fighting an alligator.

Anson lives in a carriage house in the nice part of the French Quarter, of an abandoned house. There’s a caretaker on the property, which is falling apart on the inside. He grows medicinal herbs in the backyard., where he also keeps Henry the goat.

The houngan comes to Claude’s cafe when it’s closed, an hour before it opens. Anson doctors the coffee, which Claude never charges him for.

On the morning of April 23rd, Claude brought his wounded companions to Anson’s house for healing and to consult him about closing the gateway to the Hunting Grounds. He agreed, so long as his pay was given to a specific houngan to distribute to needy residents.

At dawn on April 25th, Anson joined the gumshoes on the quest to destroy the gateway. Tony struggled to keep the ceiling from collapsing after Nicky busted a support column. Then, a Swarm Man emerged from the sealed-off portal room. After suffering several attacks, the Swarm Man changed into a swarm of bees and was destroyed by the group’s resourcefulness, aided by the houngan’s magic. He used Bolt and Wrath of the Loa.

Together with Father Ryan, Anson entered the bone room and used his faith to destroy the portal, which winked out of existence.



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