Chrissy the Knife Colucci

Capo of Storyvlle


This gentle Southern lady is the Black Hand’s overseer in Storyville, but her hospitality is a mask hiding a lady more dangerous than the local cottonmouth, but her concern for her girls goes only as far as how much money they have takes it. Her willingness to use blackmail, extortion, or murder has made her as feared within the Black Hand as its most ruthless hit men.

Chrissy took notice of the shamuses when they visited Fancy’s, looking into the death of a client’s father, who was found in one of Colucci’s brothels, apparently dead of a heart attack.

She showed up again as a representative ofSam Corolla, following the Hidden Temple case. She begged Father Ryan to call her.

He met the Mistress of Storyville in a brothel’s tap room. She informed him that one of her money men, Nicodemo ‘The Ring’ Bourns had vanished, along with the money he was supposed to bring her. He was last seen with a less-than-stylish woman and one of Corolla’s patent scientists, Landon ‘Eagle Eyes’ Faley.
Colucci knew the group was headed out of town the next day and wanted them to spend the intervening time looking into this matter.


Chrissy the Knife Colucci

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