Claudio Ricci

Black Hand Commander


Ricci is Silver Dollar Sam’s left-hand man.

He handles all the dirty work for the Mob boss, whether he does it himself or delegates it. He’s also the guy who explains to folks “the next visit won’t be as pleasant,” usually just before the meat wagon and/or fire engine arrive.

He’s not the biggest goon in Carolla’s employ, but he’s one of the meanest. The average citizen might pass the gangster on the street as long as they don’t meet his eyes. His cold, dead eyes.

Claudio was caught in a speakeasy hit by Viktor and his firebugs. Claude risked his life to pull the older man from the blaze, not knowing who he was. The picture of Claude rescuing Claudio Ricci appeared on the front page of the Times-Picayune, triggering suspicion by the group’s reporter friend, Amy.

After the hit on Sally’s,Father Ryan and Claude hunted down Claudio Ricci and gained an invitation to meet with him at the Venus Gardens. He was guarded by several large goons, identifiable as Hydes. Father Ryan remained cold to Ricci, who spoke of their problems as that of mutual friends having concern over one another. Good friends worry when their friends are about to be arrested and testified against in court. Sam Corolla ordered the drive-by to dissuade Claude from testifying against Kelso. Claude told Ricci about the mad science experiments Kelso was doing, creating were-krakens… This caused concern for Ricci, who said he’d take the information to Corolla.


Claudio Ricci

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