Father Sean Patrick Ryan

A pale red headed Irishman wearing the collar.


I was born in Queens in 1902, the youngest of 7 children in a poor Irish catholic family. The high point in my life was graduating from Saint Joseph’s Seminary and joining the priesthood in 1924.

My first assignment was to the Our Lady of Counsel as an assistant Pastor. All was well with my faith and and service to the Church until Mary Katherine Gallagher came into my confessional…. 3 months later I’m “re-assigned” to St.John The Baptist parrish in New Orleans, And Mary Katherine went to a convent in Indiana. That was in November of 1929, fortunately, there was plenty of other bad news to occupy peoples attention.

(also Antonio’s 4)
I travelled by steamer to New Orleans on my brother’s ship. Big mistake. Winter storms in the North Atlantic are rather unforgiving and MOST unpleasant. I was violently Seasick most of the trip and thought Death was preferable… Until I saw my brother Conan and another crewman.. taken .. by something foul and unpleasant off the coast of Lousiana. The Captain Said they were washed overboard. the only other witness was a Slim, heavily tattooed sailor with an ugly scar of a bite mark on his shoulder. I know better. I will not set foot in a boat ever again. And don’t even get me started about some of the stories my parrisioners have told me about what happens in the Bayous… There are things out there worse than the Gators.

(Sven #4)
I really hated having Leaving New york in such a hurry. My cousin Nicky Ryan had just won a big fight at The Gardens and was in line for the championship match. But from what Nicky said, some one had told him he was wasn’t supposed to win. He kept saying that Manny shouldn’t have stepped into that punch… 2 days later he’s in a coma at Belleview. His friend Sven said that he had been tapped to take nicky’s place in the Championship match, He promised me that he would use his money from the match to help take care of Nicky. He said that no man should end up like that.


Father Sean Patrick Ryan

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