Dr Robert Kellso

Doctor and Worshiper of Elder God


Dr. Robert Kellso is the Director of Medicine at Charity Hospital.

The group first encountered him when looking at the strange case of Elijah Joyce. The man vanished from the hospital after being bushwacked by his own naval unit, Mallroy’s Ironsides. Dr. Turk, knowing Joyce’s time was short, performed an experimental procedure that replaced Joyce’s blood with frozen sea water, to put him into a coma until his injuries could be addressed.

Joyce turned into a were-kraken and vanished from his house, seeking revenge on his naval buddies, who shot him down.

In the The Witty One, the client Norman Murphy was gunned down by the Jazzman. He was taken to Charity Hospital and underwent the same procedure.

Antonio kept watch on Claude during the Secret Ingredient, as the mob and police were hunting the gumshoes. Murphy changed and tore up the hospital, while Antonio handled Claude’s would-be -killer.

With the help of Texas Ranger Sergeant Dauterive, Kellso finally got arrested, as a liaison between the mob and the Governor’s mansion. He helped sell CSA naval gear to the mob.

Investigations have found rumors of Kellso’s involvement in Dr. Turk’s experiments, but mostly the corruption involving Kellso’s Mallroy’s Ironsides buddies, the Governor’s Mansion and the Black Hand, threaten to end Kellso’s career and freedom.


Dr Robert Kellso

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