Earl Brewton

Amusement Park Owner in the Pocket


Attributes: Ag d8, Sm d8, Sp d8, Str d8, Vig d8

Skills: Driving d4, oating d6, Fighting d10, Knowledge: (occult) d8, Knowledge: Underworld d6, Notice d6,

Derived: Cha 0, Pace 6, Parry 7, Toughness 6


Earl Brewton is a wealthy man who runs the Old Spanish Fort amusement park. Wiry and with glasses, Earl can almost always be found with a shirt and tie. BTW, he also owns the hotel and five star restaurant at the amusement park.

Tony leapt from the pier over the ghost rock boiler and paddle wheel onto Brewton’s boat and clobbered him. Following a nasty interrogation by Tony and Father Ryan, Brewton spilled the beans and offered five hundred bucks to clear out his park.

“They started showing up early last summer. At first, they knocked over hotdog carts and raided the ice houses. Then there was an incident on July 4th when the Scenic Railway roller coaster left the platform with a full load of passengers and returned empty, except for a severed hand seizing the side of the car in a death grip. It took a lot of favors to the Black Hand to make all that go away. They essentially took over my casino and hotel. Things got so bad, I had to shut the amusement park down in September. By October, the Black Hand was losing people to the clowns who haunt the Fort. They washed their hands of the place and told me good luck. I went to Chicago to bring in Irish hitters. If they’d take care of the clowns for me, I’d let them have the casino. I think they knew what these man eating clowns were, because they didn’t want part of it. I came back in February and saw an ad for the Beach… I thought, if I could lure the monsters to Lake Pontchartrain Beach, maybe they’d like it better there with the fresh meat and move in. The Beach would have to shut down, and I could reopen!”

Brewton offers the group five hundred dollars to clear out the park of clown monsters. He hasn’t been back in the Old Spanish Fort since he saw one in the hotel last November.

Brewton trembles as he remembers. “They look like clowns in full makeup. They’re like clay, able to shift their faces to become spitting images of their prey. Clown versions but close enough. Their arms and legs are like rubber, able to stretch. But their teeth are sharp and can bite to the bone. They were holed up in the amusement park somewhere, but they’ve had free reign all winter. They might be living it up in the penthouses now!”

That’s when the False Faces attacked.

Father Ryan helped Brewton from his bonds and led him outside, telling him to run.

Father Ryan did not tell Brewton to try and steal Nicky’s beloved Baby.

Earl Brewton

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