Harry Batt Jr

Amusement Park Manager


Harry J. Batt, Jr. is a pudgy man with white hair and brightly colored expensive suits. He looks more like a carnival barker than the wealthy manager of a popular amusement park. His father, Harry J. Batt, Sr. Founded and owns the Lake Pontchatrain Beach amusement park. Batt Junior is usually cheerful, throwing free admission passes at any table celebrating a birthday. You usually see him reading the Times-Picayune and pointing at pictures of amazing high rises being erected in Chicago or New York and say, “I went to school with the sonofabitch who designed that. That poor bastard.”

When asked what he meant, Harry said, “I went to Chicago University for architecture. I know what it takes to handle such massive projects. Those poor geniuses are under extreme stress and aren’t getting much sleep. Me, I’m making a living out of fun!”

April 19,1932 Harry confesses to Father Ryan about the break-ins at the Lake Pontchartrain Amusement Park. The most recent, 4/18/32, prompted police involvement and gained the attention of the park’s owner and Harry’s father, Harry Batt Sr. Harry Sr threatened to send an audit team in to the park 4/21/32. Father Ryan tells Harry he knows people who can help. Harry promises fifty bucks plus expenses to all involved if the problem is solved before the auditors arrive.

After Father Ryan assembled the team, they headed to Harry’s townhouse 117 S Hennessey St. They heard odd hissing sounds and Harry calling for help. He’d been messing with a cotton candy machine from the park, which he’s connected to a boat motor. The candy filled most of the first floor. Nicky managed to disable the machine.


Harry was overwhelmed by the affection from the gumshoes, not realizing most of them were in it for the money. He phoned the park, letting the Ship Ahoy! Manager Dave Duncan know not to mess with the crime scene until the investigators got a look at it. Security manager Eric Bogart could not be reached, which is nothing new; he rarely can be reached before noon.


Harry Batt Jr

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