Hungry Jim



Hungry Jim is a Manitou who feeds on hexslingers’ already consumed meals. He promises great power when summoned. On a blown spell, Hungry Jim eats, weakening his “partner.” On a critical failure, there’s a permanent weakness to the hexslinger as more is taken from him than should have been removed.

Hungry Jim approached Content Not Found: null in the casino at the Old Spanish Fort, as they hunted False Faces forEarl Brewton and Harry Batt. As a sign of the bondage between Manitou and spellcaster, Hungry Jim marked Antonio with a tattoo on his thigh of an apple with a bite missing from it.

Hungry Jim was summoned and used to great effect as the group battled corrupt navymen and Black Hand goons at the Algiers Naval Base, as weapons were being run from the military to the mob.

Hungry Jim again aided Antonio at Nicky’s farm when they tested Viktor’s patent science device, opening a portal to a tragic event in the land’s history. Jim helped Antonio blast the hell hound back to the Hunting Grounds and informed Antonio that hell hounds are first wave attackers for crossroads demons.

Antonio relayed this info and was chastised the next day byFather Ryan for consorting with demons. Claude stated he’d rather not know how his magical abilities actually worked.


Hungry Jim

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