Professor Joseph McNellis

Expert on the Reckoning


Father Ryan was referred by Bishop Laval to Professor Joseph McNellis to gain perspective on the supernatural clashes Father Ryan and the investigators had been dealing with.

At the New Orleans Gentlemen’s Club, over a champagne breakfast, the men discussed the Reckoning, its roots during the American Civil War and the implications of demons, monsters and manitous being active in New Orleans.

He taught the Father about the concept of Deadlands and the importance of controlling or lowering fear levels to prevent the Reckoners from breaking through and laying the region to waste.

Father Ryan, studying to perform exorcisms and become a holy warrior, returned to seek the Professor’s aid when he found a voodoo doll that had been used to kill their client’s father. McNellis backed away from the voodoo doll, realizing it as one of Papa Natanga’s personal effects, a source of great evil and grief. Father Ryan pondered how to keep Antonio from asking for the doll back. Already consorting with demons to fuel his powers, he did not want Antonio further dealing with sources of dark power.


Professor Joseph McNellis

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