Rachel Shaw

Party girl and bad waitress


Rachel is a nineteen year old middle class girl who doesn’t even realize there’s a depression going on. Life is too much fun. Between constant primping with makeup and fashion, Rachel hangs out with her friends, enjoying each parties and dances.

Rachel is dating Arch Hall Jr, a twenty year old mechanic at the Lake Pontchartrain Amusement Park.

When investigators arrived at the Ship Ahoy! Where she’s a waitress, Rachel enjoyed Tony’s feat of strength tearing the back door apart. She misread Father Ryan’s signals, trying to recruit her to be part of the night’s stakeout on the boardwalk.

Rachel’s mother, Jody, met up with Claude at Sally’s Restaurant. She expressed concern over the Old Spanish Fort closing early last season, even shutting down its profitable casino and five star restaurant. It hasn’t made any announcements about reopening. Jody approves of Rachel’s beau, Arch, but wishes he wouldn’t drive his motorcycle so fast along the beach at night.


Rachel Shaw

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