Sergeant Dauterive

Texas Ranger


Sergeant Dauterive was on the case linking the beloved Governor to the Black Hand via association with Doctor Kelso. The gumshoes kept turning up like a bad penny. Anticipating a rash move, he waited for them on the Kelso residence and let them scale the fence before making his presence known.

Sergeant Dauterive met them at Claude’s for breakfast the next morning and convinced them that justice should be served through the proper channels and assured them he would make things right.

Days later, Sergeant Dauterive showed up again at Claude’s with the announcement that Dr. Kelso was being taken into custody. Seconds later, Black Hand goons spat lead through Claude’s front window, injuring the waitress, Emma.

Sergeant Dauterive took the captured made men into custody and beat out of them that a hit had been called on the gumshoes, encouraging them to not testify against Kelso.


Sergeant Dauterive

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