Suzy Martinelli

Mafia Princess


Suzy Martinelli! According to Sven, she used to be all gawk and frizz and enough knees and elbows for any three girls, usually skinned, to boot. Three years since she last saw her made a difference, though. Her legs finally grew into those knees, that’s for damn sure.

Susanna, and don’t you dare forget it…Susanna’s dad is Vito Martinelli. The Vito Martinelli: fight promoter, boxing manager, and the Man, with a capital M, who handles the Scorcese family’s interests ringside. He was down at the gym at least a few times a week, talking to the trainers, checking on his boys, trying to recruit us independents. When he took a fighter off into the gym manager’s office for some privacy, that’s when you knew the fix was in, although, you know, you still never knew which round of which fight, and whether the guy he was talking to today was supposed to go down or just make sure he didn’t put the other guy down too soon, so knowing the fix was in still didn’t help you at the bookie’s. But anyway, he was in there more often than some of the fighters and if it was summer, or after midafternoon, if he was there, Suzy was there,

The girl had no fear, would talk to anybody about anything, ask the damnedest questions that would make your ears burn while your face turned pale as you tried to figure out how to both satisfy her curiosity so she’d drop the subject, and not get her Father to have you whacked for saying inappropriate things to his little girl. To be honest, I’m pretty sure she did it on purpose, especially to me. When I blush, I blush.

Sven rescued her from the sultan’s subterranean harem and took her to the hospital. Once she had her strength back, Sven did her father a favor by taking her back to the Big Apple… removing the death sentence that’d chased him down to New Orleans years ago.


Suzy Martinelli

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