Tyson Potvin


Tyson Potvin is the owner of Gumbo Gala.

All his life, Tyson wanted to be a restaurant owner. He spent his life working his way to the top of the staff of several prestigious venues.
Tyson says, ““Now I don’t have to tell you times be tough and all. Some people… they get by. They have that little extra share of the good luck just when they need it. That luck… that comes from unlucky bastards like me. When we need a break, it’s usually a broken leg and a hospital bill we can’t afford. You understand?
“The Gala… that’s my dream. I started washing dishes thirty years ago. I worked as a line cook no fewer than six different restaurants. I even got promoted to placing the orders. I never got married. Never had kids. My whole life… it led to me having enough cash and knowing people who’d lend me some more money ‘cause they had faith in me. And in the end, I have my Gala. I love her like the wife I never had. Then one day there’s a gas leak… and I have no more Gala.
“No one’ll lend me money to rebuild. I have nothing. Then this houngan. He says he been watching me these last 30 years. He’s proud of what I made of myself. He wants to help me get my Gala back. More folk should be like me, he says. He hands me enough cash to rebuild. So, I reopen.
“The ”/characters/sans-bout" class=“wiki-content-link”>houngan and his friends, they come in and buy food and drink. They smile ‘cause they’re proud of what Tyson done. They tip Laurene generously. What they do besides help me out, that be between them and Jesus. They helped me when no one else would. They’re my real friends.
“You come in and callin’ them Red Sect and gang… That offends me. You’re talking about my best friends. Entienne?”


Tyson Potvin

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