Vanessa Walters

Barista and Resident of Haunted House


Vanessa Walters lived at 716 Dauphine, where she woke up to feelings of being groped, only to find herself alone. Then, she’d wake up and find a blonde-haired man with Middle Eastern clothes licking his lips, standing at the foot of her bed.

Vanessa made arrangements to stay with a co-worker and had another friend/co-worker, Nicole, help her move out. Things got ugly.

“We were standing in the dimly lit hallway in the empty house, as I locked the door, when we suddenly heard a blood-curdling scream come out of the inky blackness somewhere at the top of the staircase just a few feet from us! It was petrifying – a long shrill scream ending in a gurgle! We took the steps two at a time, maybe five at a time… anytning to reach the street door. We reached the doorway at the same time, bouncing off each other and the door frame. I made it to the street. I haven’t seen Nicole since. She never got out of that mansion.”

Vanessa ran into Father Ryan, as she canvassed the area around her old residence. Reluctant to share her story with the supernatural, Father Ryan eventually worked it out of her.

At 22 with high cheek bones, lively eyes and long legs, she should be the epitome of joy and living life to its fullness. Her eyes are red with lack of sleep, and her lips twitch. She works at Café Dumonde.


Vanessa Walters

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