Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy


I knew a Moorish child as a kid named Faysal. That was rare in Portugal at that time being the only Moor family at least as far as Portimao. The Catholics in town basically treated him and his family as lepers but I found the differences in beliefs fascinating. I would stop by at the time of day that he would pray and watch quietly until he was done. I think it gave me a respect for other’s beliefs and allowed me to get over the fear that my neighbors had of the family’s differences. I have taken that with me in my travels and cobbled bits and pieces of other beliefs into what I think of as a religious doctrine tailored to me. That said, I was sickened by the visit to the church and I was sorry for the pain that the parish had inflicted on the area and on our Father Ryan. It was clear to me that he was suffering most from the corruption of his close held religious beliefs.

Dear Bishop Laval

Dear Bishop Laval,
The situation here in Indiana is much worse than I originally thought. In addition to the U.S. government willfully ignoring (if not actually covering up) the events and circumstances surrounding the Kali cult, Father Fredrick Williamson had succumbed to Kali’s temptation. In his position as Abbot of St. Meinrad Archabbey he allowed the Cult of Kali to hold their quarterly festivals on the grounds of the Archabbey. Father Williamson allowed his fear of death to cloud his judgement and he sought out Kali as a means to extend his time on this earth. My friends and I have dealt with the Abbot and his fellow cultists.
As Father Williamson allowed the cult to take over his life, he also allowed the buildings and grounds of the Archabbey to become corrupted and tainted by the evil influence of Kali. As this corruption has grown, the buildings and grounds have fallen into disrepair. The grounds are currently clear of occupants but that will likely not last for long. The forces of evil will surely feel a strong attraction to this place, much like flies on dung. I recommend that we move in some of our Strong, Faithful Clergy to reclaim the Arch abbey for the Lord’s work.
I have a large some of cash that has been recovered from from this Cult of Kali and will be turning it over to the Order to further our goals and to support our needs. I will be awaiting your instructions on how to best proceed in this matter.

Fr. S.P. Ryan

Claudes Political Insights
This thing goes deeper than I ever thought it could— politicians, monks, priests, and otherwise good, honest people like farmers, business owners, fathers, mothers, wives— all of ’em ready to sacrifice others, children even, to get a little more money, or a little more life.

I am now a killer of tigers, monks, and arcane creatures I can’t put a name to, just because a few dozen bad eggs want unnatural benefits. What’s wrong with living life as it’s given? Plenty of great things happening, though it’s a little hard to see right now. Knowing monks would sacrifice a poor kid like Mary Catherine, that cuts my faith in half.

If I ever go to India, I’m going to spit on every statue of Kali I see!

Too much trust

Why did I trust those monks? Why didMary Kate have to trust me? Trusting me is what got us both Banished from our homes. Now I have to make it right by her. even if it kills me. It will certainly mean killing Kali’s corrupted Monks…..

When we returned to Indianapolis, I paid a visit to the pastor at St. John’s church. He told me that Father Fredrick Williamson had recently been fearing his own mortality and that the Archabbey had been hosting the local festivals sponsored by Smith and Smith. Looks Like someone has made a bad deal with Kali… Time to put an end to their nonsense…..

Another fine Mess
We were busy freeing the prisoners at the Smith brother’s complex when a man from the Agency shows up to take custody of the complex and ALL of it’s contents. THE AGENCY. Those clowns knew what was going on in there, but they couldn’t be bothered to do the right thing and put a stop to it because certain people in the U.S. Government didn’t want to “upset the economy”.

Unfortunately for them, I answer to a higher power.

Sven nearly got us into another fight when he got very strident in his desire to ensure the freedom of all the prisoners. His White Knight complex kicked in when we discovered that one of the female prisoners was of special interest to the government and would be retained in their service. By the grace of God, I realized that one of the prisoners was the Director of The Agency and with a little help from our friend Victor, we were able to broker a deal that was acceptable to every one present.

Now we are off to rescue Mary Kate from the monks at St. Meinrad. Seems that Kali has gotten her hooks into them as well…

Theres No Tech Like Stolen Tech
Calling It the Shockshot

Excerpt from Nicky’s Technical Journal, three days before leaving for Indianapolis

Entry 234: Just about done reverse engineering this electro-thrower I took offa that sellout mafia science-mook at the warehouse the other night. No booby traps or trick triggers, no engraved components either. (Guy had something new he wanted to try out, I get that. Guy wanted to try it out on my friends, so I get his toy. The scientist in me can live with that fine.) The range on this thing isn’t great, but the emitter can handle an impressive cone at power. The core’s slow to recharge, but I think I can get about five shots before I gotta let it rest. That’s just based on tests on the core and emitter separately – I’m gonna put it back together and actually try it out tomorrow.

Entry 235: No extra parts found during reassembly is a good thing. I’ve got targets set up (captured raccoons) set up at ten, twenty, thirty, and fifty feet. Let’s see what happens.

Entry 236: Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeahhhh. 50-feet raccoon got to watch its kin just FRY. I gotta watch when I shoot it because this does not give ANY guffs about what’s in its path, but so long as the path is targets-only, it’ll be clear fast. That said, there’s three problems with this thing. One: Whoever built this knew his wiring, but not so much insulation. I’m gonna fit the grip with some rubber off a tire I’m remolding now, should help with consecutive firing. Two: I didn’t invent it. Probably won’t patent it for that, which is a shame because I would just be raking it in! Ehhh, Momma probably wouldn’t care for me to get rich building weapons anyway. Three: the name don’t sit right with me. “Electro-flame-thrower” is about as catchy as a grand slam past the fence.

Catch a tiger by the toe If he eats you, then youll know
If I have to see, attack, or kill one more tiger, I think I’ll go insane. I never even saw one at a zoo before last year, but now it’s like they pop up everywhere. Sometimes they’re possessed, sometimes they are fighting for Antonio, but they’re never happy to be in our company, and frankly, I feel likewise. They are beautiful, majestic, and far more deadly than they seem when you read about ‘em in school books. But I’m thinking, they aren’t as rare as I’d been told.

Nor is ghost rock— but that’s another story. I have to sleep for awhile now, so I can work my shift in the hotel’s kitchen— I’m thinking I’ll pick up some new ideas, and maybe even make some contacts.

Should be fun! It’s rhubarb season, and I hope they are stocked-up.


I do not know if I was meant to be rich. I want a simple life; the sea, a good women and to do my best to be GOOD. I have a feeling that money will only make me lose the path to GOOD more than I already have. My share is hundreds of thousands and I think I have a plan. I trust the Content Not Found: null more than anyone which is strange because he seems the most suspicious of me. I will give him $50k in trust, so that I am cared for if something in this dangerous life I lead goes wrong. I will take $10k and buy a ring and ask Amy to take it the next time I see her. And I will give the rest to start a Soldier and Sailor Memorial for all those lost at sea and at war.

Well THAT Was Almost Interesting
Dammit Sven

We were done. We had the Kali cult in ruins, Kali ITSELF is ready to call us out (mental note: maybe think about being worried about that), and the federal agents were coming in to wrap things up.

And then some new guy comes walking up and saying HE’S gonna take over the prisoners. I’m fine with it, but Sven picks that moment to pick up grammar. He notices that the guy doesn’t expressly say he’s going to take better care of the prisoners (one of who is a woman) than their former captors, and he goes ape-shit. He nearly gets us all up against the Union Army, right after we took down the Kali army.

We had a couple of things working in our favor against that possibility, though. One thing, Victor was around to talk the agent down from reading a torture manual as union policy. For another, Father Ryan recognized the head of the intelligence council as one of the prisoners and called out to his human nature to see the remaining test subjects got better treatment. It almost didn’t work (northerners, can’t live with ‘em, can’t sink their godless country into the sea), but we managed to hatch out something that we could all walk away from…

…with $2 million dollars. And a prototype train. With 200lbs of ghost rock. Written word, you can’t do enough here.

Gotta put this away, though. My feet are feeling a bit damp.

Claudes Night Out
I’ve lost count of how many different kinds of creatures have tried to kill me, now— and how many I’ve tried to kill, or succeeded in killing. At least now I had some money out of it to fix up the boat (again) and give to charity.

And Sammy gets a college fund, and my employees get paid vacations, pension funds, and maybe I’ll pay a hostess for a year.

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