Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Please leave books on the cart for reshelving

We are on the trail of 3 stolen books. One is a book of royal lineages dating back to Charlemagne. One is a book describing portals to the hunting grounds. One is volume 3 of a 7 volume set of Hal Ketchum (a famous lawman)‘s journals, describing his travels south of the border in the worst depths of the weird wild west era.

After questioning the 3 holders of the books, we were set upon by a large band of Aztecs, We took one prisoner, and he gave us a note which, after poking around at the Xavier library on Loyola’s campus, we discovered was from Berringer, who was a new hire in the translation department and has been asking a lot of questions about the closed off part of the library vaults. He and the chief archivist of the vaults have been missing the past two days.

We went down into the vaults with flashlights and found the archivists’s body. We pursued Berringer through the sewers under the library, fighting a crowd of ghouls (“faminites”) who had wounded him and gotten his backpack. In the backpack was a note saying where he was due to meet his boss; Manchac, where the pumping station with the creature from the black lagoon was. We were just in time to see his boat buzz away into the dark, but we knew where he’s headed.

I got a Demon Car

There is nothing better than a car that change appearance. I can disappear if being chased, I can fit in in any situation and I can roll in grand Demon style to the finest dinner party. The Father did not exactly get along with Chancey…did I mention it’s name is Chancey? Anyway, the Father didn’t exorcise the demon on the spot so that is good. I have been rolling in a fancy Duesenberg for a while but nobody else will ride in the car with me…Fuck’m.

This Job This DAMN Job
Dont Make my Baby Grow Up Too Fast

First and most important, Baby the Second lives! The engine married perfectly to the chassis (itself a bold combo of a Dusenberg Phaeton with some Ford add-ons for extra durability), and the booster feels stable enough, though I haven’t fully tested what all it can do. I’ve been noticing some visibility problems when I ran it in the garage, so I added another lamp to the front that’s directly linked to the booster, figuring a calibrated light might work. It looks good on paper, anyway, so we’ll see.

It occurred to me, what with black sedans and enemies old and new skulking around, that I might want some fresh gear. Along with the custom parts that’re going into finishing Baby the 2nd, I mailed away for an armored overcoat and a sonic lockpick. Heck, it’s only money (I will never stop smiling at that!).

I hope they get here soon, though. Father-I’m sorry, ABBOTT Ryan just got in touch. He’s got some book he wants me to take a look at, a translation of something that came out of the Reckoning. Naturally, he made it a special point to tell me to bring my sax case. Translation: “Be ready for violence.”

Pot to Kettle

After all we went through in Indy, what gets me most is that French pot—I know, I can maybe get it repaired, to an extent. But it will never be the same- -I kept that pot in perfect condition, and honest, not just ‘cause of how much it cost, it’s been my best pot—I make stock in it, and demi-glace, and damn if you can’t bake the best casseroles, mac-n-cheese, and lamb roast in it… hell, you can use it any way you want to— on the griddle, right in a campfire, oven, grill. It’s damn near indestructible, unless you do what Julio did—leave it burning empty, then scratch off the enamel with a notched metal spatula.

I miss that pot, man. I made my first Beef Burgundy in it. Ah well, at least I got Sammy’s college fund set up, ironclad, even if I get hung for treason, they can’t touch it— she’ll have tuition, a good place to stay, a car, and spending money. If I died tomorrow she’d be okay, and that is worth all of the tigers and demons Kali threw at us.

To Catch a Thief

Bishop Laval called me first thing this morning. Seems that there is a book thief loose in New Orleans and he wants me and the Lads to look into it. He thinks it is right up our alley.

The first book was a treatise on how the Reckoning changed the Laws of Physics. As part of our research, I arranged for Nickie to read an English translation, as the original work was in Spanish. Something in the book spooked Nickie and he has been rather nervous about the prospects of our investigation taking us to Mexico. The book was stolen from a locked and very well warded case in the parish rectory at Mater Dolorosa on Carrollton avenue. Contrary to standard procedure, the local parish priest, Father Esparza was allowed to keep it outside the Archive vault on semi-permanent loan due to a close family connection to the author. While talking to the priest, he also mentioned a family heirloom was taken as well, a mummified jaguar’s paw once belonging to one of Santa Ana’s necromancers, Cislan. This is already starting to look rather bad.

The second book was stolen from a retired adventurer, a real Alan Quartermain type as rumor has it. The book was one of a series of journals kept by a Legendary Texas Ranger named Ketchum, during the early days of the Reckoning. The journal details a number of fantastic exploits against some of the fiercest monsters of the Reckoning. Stolen right off the bookshelf without raising any alarms.

Book number three was on heraldry and sigils of New Orleans noble families. I can’t wait to see where this leads….

A Promotion

Bishop John Laval
7887 Walmsley Ave.
New Orleans, La.

Fr. Sean P. Ryan
724 Camp Street
New Orleans, LA

Dear Fr. Ryan,
In response to your last report, my superiors within the Order of St. Michael have contacted Einsiedeln Abbey and discussed the events in Indiana and, in particular, at St. Meinrad Archabbey.

It has been determined that St. Meinrad must be re-staffed. To that end, Fr. Franz Goetz, Abbot of St. Joseph Abbey in New Orleans has been moved to St. Meinrad as the new Abbot there. We will assist the Benedictine order by providing staff for Fr. Goetz.

You are to take over the now vacant position of Abbot at St. Joseph Abbey. As abbot you will also be responsible for the administration of the attendant Church and Seminary.

My superiors and I have been quite impressed with your success as of late, even if you have been using resources from outside the Order. The fact that you have managed to recoup your current and future operating costs is even more impressive. It is our great hope that you will continue your success in your new position.


John Laval

Bishop New Orleans

Im not dating a Zombie

Well, there was a lot of good news lately. The major thing is that Amy is not a zombie…great news! Turns out that the zombie thing was just a glamour to get under our skins. I gotta say that that plan probably backfired because Sven nearly singlehandedly tore apart the fifth floor of the Speedway pagoda trying to avenge the nonexistant corruption of his woman. Sven is not someone that you piss off lightly. I had an idea when I saw his bloody knuckles. I think that a Hand of Glory (or two) could be created from his fists…after his death of course. I bet when used they could give someone a hell of a beating. Something to think about…

Nickies Soft Side
A letter dated two days after the Indy 500

Mom, Dad. Been a while, hasn’t it? I don’t know what kind of parties you’re getting invited to up above, but down here it’s getting a mite hectic.

There’s plenty of good going on, don’t you worry. I just helped take second place in THE Indianapolis 500, I’ll have you know! Walked away with a fair bit of money and a lovely lady by my side. I don’t expect she’s the marrying type, seeing as her ex is our preacher man.

My friends and I are doing a lot to keep busy, too. Anyone up there hear of Kali? She’s big in India, WAS big in Indiana for a spell. She’s gone now. She might be a bit ticked at us, so if she gets around up there, maybe it’s best if you two don’t name-drop, know what I mean?

I learned something else, too. I know why you both died. Everyone tried to tell me otherwise, but it’s my fault. I got this destiny nonsense around me, to hear the demon tell it, that says your 666-buckshot cocktail, Momma, I’m supposed to turn it into something that really hurts them what do nasty things on the spirit side of things.

I’ve got some options now, and a small mountain of ghost rock that says those demons that… that took you away won’t get to do it for much longer. I hope that makes you rest easier, at least.

I’m so sorry my dumb future kept you two from having one.

Riding out of Indy

Ahhh, the trip to Indianapolis. It should have been a relaxing vacation. Nickie was the ride along mechanic in the Indianapolis 500. Claude was determined to win the State Fair’ Pie Competition.

Then there was the attempted kidnapping in Union Station of Father Ryan‘s old flame. There was stamping out a statewide Kali cult. The Chicago mob tortured a deer woman and tried to gift her to the mob boss. And finally… the crossroads demon that had been needling Nickie since his mother’s death revealed that he was destined to slay an Elder God.

Last chance to escape destiny, big daddy.

Sven responded to the situation by turning the demon to ash.



Wow! I have seen a couple of race tracks in my time but this is most definitely the biggest one! 2-1/2 miles long! There must be at least 100,000 people here. I think I can understand now why Nicky is so excited about this race. It truly is spectacular. Here is a picture Mary Kate took of the pole sitters!


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