The World Is Familiar, But the History Is Not Our Own

The Roaring Twenties have ended. Plague has wiped out thirty percent of the world’s population. The stock market crashed. The dust bowl announced the return of Pestilence to North America. Powerful mob bosses vie for control, and at the center of it all, in the cross hairs of the restless manitous, is New Orleans.

You can’t keep a good dead man down.


And then there was a trip to Indianapolis. It should have been a relaxing vacation. Nickie was the ride along mechanic in the Indianapolis 500. Claude was determined to win the State Fair’ Pie Competition.

Then there was the attempted kidnapping in Union Station of Father Ryan‘s old flame. There was stamping out a statewide Kali cult. The Chicago mob tortured a deer woman and tried to gift her to the mob boss. And finally… the crossroads demon that had been needling Nickie since his mother’s death revealed that he was destined to slay an Elder God.

Last chance to escape destiny, big daddy.

Sven responded to the situation by turning the demon to ash.

Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

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