Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

An idea

We are short a vehicle and Nicky is clearly miserable without Baby. I was mulling over some solutions to this problem and I remembered the Demon Car. Ok, so it tried to kill us but who hasn’t. I have a plan to replace Baby with the Demon Car…wait, I can’t call it the demon car or people will never go for riding around in it. How ‘bout the Chameleon Car! Ok, so here is what we do…we start looking for someone who can bind the spirit of the Chameleon Car to us or we create a bond like Hungry JIm and I have. Then we can control the car and tap into it’s Demonic Supernatural Powers.

I am going to start contacting some of the folks on my side of the street to see if this is possible and try to find more information on how to go about this. Not only do we give ourselves a strong tool in our battle against evil but we solve the ‘What do we do with this dangerous vehicle’ question.



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