Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

An Unsteady Course to the Sea

I'm Going to Miss Feeling Grounded

Our best lead led us to a warehouse used by the misfit Navy division way back when our group was still figuring each other out. We’ve gotten smarter since then, and thank our stars the Navy hasn’t: they’re still using the place. We manage to get them all looking at the front door while we snuck in the back to the manager’s office to swipe his journals. ‘Course, the paranoid cuss had a tripwire set up in his desk tripped to an alarm, so our quick and quiet exist was a bust.

These folk may not be smart, but they’ve got hardware. One was decked out in some kind of mechanized shell, a walking tank in every way that matters. His buddies were quick to flank him and prepare to take us all en masse, but their rally point was right next to a pile of oil barrels. Me and my Shockshot took them and a chunk of the warehouse out in a single hit, but the tank shrugged off enough to make me jittery. Of course our own walking tank, Sven can punch through metal when motivated.

Between all the excitement and explosions, a lot of loot shook out of its hiding spots, enough that I needed help getting it all out. We came away with an extra dress Navy uniform, some encrypted notebooks, and oh yeah, THE ROUTE AND ITINERARY OF THAT TRANSMOGRIFYING QUACK KELSO!

Long story short: that was a fun trip downtown.

Antonio’s fixing up his boat to follow Kelso down Mexico way. It’s not as armed as what he’ll be travelling in, but it’s loads faster and is carrying some very dangerous passengers. Just hope I don’t get sea sick.



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