Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Antonio and his Crew

The gumshoes tracked Kellso to the harbor. The harbormaster was more interested in sneaking away early and getting tanked all weekend long… even though it was only Thursday afternoon. Some smooth talking from Antonio and the Father loosened the harbormaster’s lips. Kellso had bought him off, making him swear not to reveal that he’d been there and was headed for Mexico on a PT boat.

With only twenty minutes or so behind their quarry, Antonio took control, ordering the investigators around the deck of the Kraken, preparing it for its most important journey.
They sailed through the night, the yacht seeming to fly over the waves. The group shared a flask and many stories about days gone by. No matter what the group discussed, one thing remained on their mind… and from time to time Father Ryan could be heard articulating this thought under his breath: I don’t want to go to Mexico.

As the sun rose in the east, Antonio caught a distant glimpse of a PT boat. He became the relentless captain, ordering his crew about. They slowly made up the distance. Finally, the boat was close enough that Antonio could spy a glimpse of the people on the deck. He recognizedTexas Ranger Dautrieve amongst the crew. What in the world?
Nickie saw other boats closing in from all directions.
The captain ordered his crew to alter course and take on the boat approaching from the southeast. Nickie unloaded with his amazing weapon, and Antonio cleared the remaining sailors on the deck. Claude pulled out his Hellestromme rifle and sprayed another boat’s deck with blood.
“I think we’ve got this,” Sven said, unhappy he didn’t have a target to punch.
The water to the north rippled, and a mini submarine surfaced.



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