Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Dark Corners of the Minds Eye

Sammy took me shopping today, helping me outfit myself for the big trip. Most of my good clothes got burnt in the diner fire, ‘cause I had stashed ‘em in my office after we went to that fancy restaurant. I meant to get ‘em cleaned and never did.

I can’t not tell her anymore, about the shadowman, she needs to be on guard, even though I’m not sure if he’s looking for her or me, or both of us. Anyway, I worry now that he came to her through me—that when I woke from that long sleep, he hitched a ride on my soul or something—‘cause I keep seeing that little dark, grey-brown patch of non-light, slipping around, always slipping into a corner or something bright—but I never see it straight on! Just from the peripheral view— it’s frustrating. But I’m determined to find out, once I feel a little more healthy, like my old self. Maybe instead of Anson, I should talk to Content Not Found: null about it.



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