Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Goodbye Vanessa

Or should I say Good riddance?

We left the necropolis and headed up the volcano, knowing that Xitlan would be expecting us. None the less, we were still able to ambush Dr. Kelso, Vanessa, and the rest of his troops on the narrow path winding it’s way up the side of the volcano. Antonio cast his Havoc spell and then Sven and I started tossing grenades into their ranks and we were able to reduce their numbers. Then Xitlan started to raise them as zombies. We made sure to send the bodies over the side of the cliff after that. Claude was able to take out Vanessa and, after I reminded him, he made sure to put a slug in her head to keep her down. Xitlan was no match for the rest of us, once we ganged up on him. Once I rescued the last of his virgin sacrifices from falling into the caldera, I made sure his head went into the volcano and the rest of him was cremated at the base.

After the battle Antonio found some pagan relic that he was taking home to Amy and Sven found an obsidian sword that he said Jane would absolutely love. We also found a map showing the location of this pool that that needs to be closed. We’re off for what we hope is the final battle in Mexico……



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