Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Gotta love the Navy

How Government DID something for once

Me and Content Not Found: null were chasing a bunch of clowns in a joke society calls a truck tonight. We hit their jalopy a few times, didn’t do a whole lot, when they pulled into a warehouse and shut the gates behind ‘em. We thought we’d have to slug ‘em out on their home turf when we heard gunfire. I guess the idiots got lost, ’cause it weren’t their warehouse!

We was making guesses as to whose it was while we were getting ready to cause damage when some of the residents showed up: Navy guards with what might as well’ve been assault rifles. Anty was getting tense like he didn’t want to start something with ‘em, and neither did eye. Where we disagreed was how to handle it: I called out and told them we weren’t their enemy, we was chasin’ the mooks that were. Anty didn’t care to that.

But hell if he didn’t roll with it! Guy tells them about the boats going missing and how the best suspects are in their warehouse starting trouble. They wished us a pleasant evening and went off to perforate those poor saps. I wish more fights I found myself in ended with a professional army winning them for me!

Once we got back together, we figure that the boats are getting lost because smugglers are jacking ‘em – classic pirate style. We’re gearing up for a raid on what we think is the port they work out of, and we’re gonna stomp them good.

If everything goes well, I should consider treating everyone to some crawfish etouffee – got a taste for seafood lately.



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