Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Oceans Can Go Screw

I'm a Land Creature, Dammit!

That Ph.D waving buttwipe Kelso used his own former comrades to set a trap for us! He had something like five PT boats waiting led by his old pal Dautreve and the undead hussy Vanessa ready to smite us. I wouldn’t be here to write this if it weren’t for the providence that was Sans Bout and Gabriel finding us in their very own submarine and helping us out. Seems they’ve got themselves a working relationship with the krakens, and between our two vessels we were able to set up a dinner date between Vanessa, Dautreve, and the fishes.

Bout let us know where Kelso was planning to go: way deep into the Mexican jungle, south of Mexico City. A boat weren’t going to get us there, it’d be quicker to sail back and charter a plane. Good thing we’re stinking rich, because that’s what we did, and now we’re gearing up to drop in and spoil the bad doctor’s plans.

Speaking of gearing up, that crazy crawdad Vanessa (who better be dead this time) was even more of a wackjob than we took her for. That contraption she left for me to fix, well I finally got the time to take a decent look at it, and if it weren’t for my primer lessons in voodoo I doubt I’d’’ve figured it out. The dang thing is a my-hand-to-God zombie gun! If this thing worked proper, I could reanimate just about anything that were living within the past week. Didn’t care for the glint in Antonio’s eyes when I brought it up, I mean to take this thing apart like I never took anything apart before.

So we’re about to hop the plane and I just caught myself thinking: krakens, dinosaurs, dragons, this Kelso fellah sure does love the idea of collaring monsters bigger than him. One day he’s gonna come across something that don’t take to being collared. Best case: it eats him and that’s the end of it. Worst case: he wakes something powerful up that won’t go back to sleep.



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