Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Seeing an Old Friend

Now here we go, on a holiday. How’m I supposed to leave my girl alone with that shade attached to her? But I’m going, because last night, after everyone left and I was resting in my room before checkout, something else occurred to make me wonder…

I was washing my face, and looked up, and there in the mirror, standing behind me, was Sally, I swear, looking pretty much like she did the Christmas before she passed. Only, she was silver grey allover, and I could see through her; and she was worried looking. Well, I startled and dropped my cloth into the water and a big drop splashed right through her hand, ‘cause she reached for me— for my arm. I turned and she began to fade, but she was talking to me, with no sound, so I asked, What you want, Sal? Are you okay? Don’t worry about the diner, it’s being fixed. She didn’t answer, and I don’t know that she heard— didn’t react as if she did. I tried to move closer to her, but she just kept talking, and fading, and then she was gone.

When I turned out the bathroom light after I dried my face, I think I saw a dark shadow out of the corner of my eye, edging into the corner of the mirror.


I bet now you’re wishing you’d taken lip-reading as a skill!

Seeing an Old Friend

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