Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

The City of the Dead

More like City of the Undead

We spent most of the next day driving to the Necropolis along with our bodyguards. The City of the Dead was a misnomer. IT should have been called The City of the Undead. Cultists, zombies, vampires, amalgams of dead bodies, mummies, and numerous other evil spirits. Our poor bodyguards were ill prepared for the horrors they were forced to witness. We came across another of Kali’s cornfields, fertilized by the blood of innocents in some unholy ritual. We were overwhelmed by the enormity of the task to cleanse this foul place.

Then, with a terrifying rumble, the earth shook and our attention was focused on the nearby volcano and it all became crystal clear. Kelso and his friend Xitlan were conducting a Dark Ritual powered by sacrificial magic to cause an eruption that would destroy Mexico City and create a new Deadlands for the Old ones to use as a gateway to the Hunting Grounds. We sent two of our three remaining bodyguards back to Mexico City with our report and a request for a aerial attack on the cornfield. Antonio and I figure that we have about 2 hours to stop this ritual and and save Mexico City. Hopefully this won’t be my last report…….



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