Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

The Kindness of Strange Friends

War stories weren’t much my thing, but I read a few anyway. Lots of stuff about brothers-in-arms and the best war bonds not being sold by the government. It sounded fine, bet it helped at the enlistment offices, but the truth is I didn’t reckon it very well. The tanks and cars they rode, that caught my eye more’n anything else. That was back then.

Now I’ve lived and nearly died next to people I might not loan money to, but I’d surely take a bullet for them. I’ve done as much for a couple, and they for me. We’ve got a cause that’s just and no one else lining up to fight for it. We’ve got enemies that no one of us could take on alone. We’ve shared pain and heartbreak and the joy of a decent meal after a hard-won fight.

And thanks to several of these amazing people, I know what the beauty of those war stories really is. I’ve also got a sizable war chest from which to build Baby’s bad-ass successor. We’re gonna go to Indianapolis, and I’m gonna win the Indy 500 for a friend we made. And when I get back, I’m gonna build us a chariot that’ll see us through Hell and out the other side.



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