Deadlands Noir Extinct in the Big Easy

Why Do My Friends Keep Falling

Red meat CAN kill you

I don’t think we’re ever splitting up again. Why, because every time we do, half of us get our asses handed to us! Claude’s in a hospital, don’t know if he’ll ever wake up.

Calm down, Nicky, focus. Alright. I ask around and find out the truck what nearly run our guy off the road was stolen from a Hexaco station a few days back… and magically reappeared. We get into the impound yard to scope it out and find that whoever stole it liked to smack on liquorice gum. The station clerk told us that someone bought a fresh pack the day the truck came back carrying a sack of White Castle burgers. Content Not Found: null dropped some heavy green for this and the whereabouts of the nearest WC – it was across the street.

First thing I notice about the place is the stump made of metal – something cut a signpost or light post or something cleaner than a knife through butter. Second thing I notice is that everyone working this place is a happy , loosely-dressed, annoying teenagers. Should’ve been a clue. We did find one of the brats chomping away and the smell of aniseed, so we got us a nice simple plan.

We approached him behind the shop when he was making a trash run and started asking questions. Everything was going okay until the mama bear of the bunch brought her brood out. Things got decidedly less okay.

The good news is that my latest project, the semi-auto shotgun I built from Momma’s two-barrel that I’ve taken to calling Krampus, is fully field tested and is one musical number. The bad news is we all got hurt bad. If it wasn’t for me and Krampus, we’d be feeding that place’s meat grinder, and that’s no lie.

I loaded everyone I cared about into the nearest car and beat street to the hospital, and not that quack Kelso’s, either! I’m honestly thrilled Claude didn’t die in that alley, but he’d laid out.

Our other group had themselves a nice, boring day surrounded by lawyers, thought they did find a coke bottle at the top of the elevator shaft what got broke with liqourice gum in it. I guess we took care of the “assassin”. Now we just gotta find his boss.

DANGIT! Claude had kin at his restaurant, Ashley or something. I know how hard it is to lose family. Telling her’s gonna be rough.



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