Antonio Borges Santos

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1) The high point in my life was affording a small watercraft after saving for several year. I was sunk in a hurricane off the coast of Belize.
2) A ship docked in Marseilles loaded with grain. The plague had already broken out in France had the port was overrun by hungry crowds. The crew was attacked and I woke up in robbed and injured in a plague swamped hospital with no money or papers and my freighter burning in harbor.
3) While working on the Miztec in the Great Lakes, my triskadecaphobia led to a loss of control of my power and the sinking of the ship. It was Friday the 13th and I try to be well away from people on that day.
4) In my native Portugal, I survived an attack by several Hellhounds. My family was killed and I was forced to take work on a ship at age 13.
5) I was on the quick run from New York to Orleans working as a navigator on the Morning Star. I met a priest on the voyage and we got along fairly well. It stormed that run and the Morning Star was a shitty wallowing tub of rust bucket. The priest’s brother and a hand named Oscar were helping to secure a broken tie-down when several tentacle rose from the water backlit by a lightning flash. They grabbed the two men and took them down into the briny. The priest was furious with the captain who maintained that they were swept over. The captain told the crew very strenuously what the story was and anyone who said otherwise would not be on the return run. I felt bad for the priest but I needed to make the next leg.
6) The girl that runs that greasy spoon is an interesting character. Most places like that don’t really care for the sailor folk but she is always welcoming to the travelers. She always wants to hear stories from abroad and about and often will give you free pie if she like your news. She never wants the yarns that most people like…she wants the news; who is doing what. I still remember when she first opened and she had the the protection people in giving her trouble. She got through it but I think it took alot out of her.


Antonio Borges Santos

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