Mary Katharine Gallagher

Former Flame of Father Ryan


Mary Katharine Gallagher had a relationship with Father Ryan that resulted in him being transferred to New Orleans. Mary Katharine, humiliated by the whole deal, stopped going to church and found herself desperate in the Great Depression Chicago. An opportunity to escape eviction and starvation showed up at her door. All she had to do was bury a box with a few odd items in it at a crossroads.

She did, and a handsome gentleman appeared, telling her she’d been granted psychic powers. Mary Katharine used these powers to win many bets at the dog tracks in Calumet City. While betting she had a vision of Marie Van Hess destitute and drinking herself to death in the streets of Lost Angels… she had this vision when Paul Ricca, who ran the Chicago Outfit, entered the club. She also knew what car was his, that the passenger side was unlocked, that no on would be watching it for five minutes and that in the trunk was an envelope containing nude photos of Marie Van Hess that would be used to destroy her career unless she did something.

She did.

The mob tracked her down to her apartment. She eluded them and hopped a train to Indianapolis. However, the Smith and Smith Kali Cult found her first. Thinking she was another hobo who wouldn’t be missed, they made a move to apprehend her and sacrifice her during the Memorial Day mass Kali celebration.


Mary Katharine Gallagher

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